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  • Back in the Game on dA

    (Deviant art, late night journal update) I work full time and I am attempting to save money so I can get my own apartment. I feel like I am halfway over with my life and I am so disappointed at where I am at right now. I know I have a lot more time with […]

  • Websites

    I am pretty active on here, my main blog, but I am also very active on my Tumblr, my Pinterest, and my DeviantArt now.  It’s a quick update. You can also follow me on twitter, but I am not as active on that. My facebook is pretty pointless, so that doesn’t matter.  I upload photography […]

  • How these days are spent

    These snowless days are spent alone, and bo~oring. My lover is off having the time of his life, and I am very, very happy for him; but you see… I am sitting in my bedroom, basically wasting away. I sit on the computer watching Netflix, occasionally checking Facebook (Which is highly unpopular), Deviantart, and some other miscellaneous websites that […]