• Botanicals

    Good afternoon.Today is Tuesday, April 19th. I went to the botanical garden with a friend and it was beautiful! The temperature is a little chilly outside, in the 40s but it was pretty warm in the garden, you know exactly what I am talking about if you have been to a botanical garden before. This […]

  • Snow on Easter, and then some…

    Happy Monday everyone! (Psst, it’s my birthday week!) It snowed on Easter, yesterday-4/17/2022.Big, fluffy snowflakes. It was beautiful too. Besides the snow, it was a pretty relaxed holiday. My mom came over and cleaned up my apartment for me, and yes-I paid her. My 27th birthday is this Thursday, the 21st of April. I plan […]

  • Thoughts for today

    Its that time of year again, Holidays right around every corner it seems like. Holidays are never the same once you lose someone, and its hard to fill the empty spots of the heart when they are no longer here. I still try to fathom that my grandfather is no longer here and that I […]

  • Wednesday morning.

    The time that I was off of here has been a rollercoaster of emotions and a jungle gym of challenges. I have no easy way of explaining what has gone on this past year or so, but I’ll try my best to sum some things up. 2017 to 2018 has been wild. Now every year […]

  • Lost

    Everyone has a different point of view, and not everyone can relate to what you say. Times are hard, and things are very frustrating. I thought everything was just about to settle, I just moved and settled in, I felt that I found my niche in life, I loved my job and felt excited to […]

  • Motivation

    Finding motivation is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s so hard for me, and not everyone understands that. It just seems like I am questioning too much or maybe I am just being lazy but, I don’t really feel like I am. Sometimes I look at a big project and just gasp […]

  • Sunshine and stuff

    The weather was perfect; the wind blowing across the lake, causing gentle ripples that disturbed the peaceful waters. The sun was shining and the skies were blue. Out on the lake, it seemed so pristine. The waves glistened in the sunlight. Boats floated across my view from the hill. I sat between two trees with […]

  • Again.

    I can’t wait for days in the sun, driving with the windows down and listening to my music just a little louder. I can’t wait for the sunshine that makes me remember why I love the skies and the Earth. I feel like I can be a happier me in the summer time, but that […]

  • Onward!

    My cast iron tea pot represents new beginnings, beauty and love. The future is now, things I have only thought about when I was younger, have happened. It’s almost weird thinking about it, and I am ecstatic. I feel glad to be in this life and have all the things that I have. I definitely […]

  • Confusion

    Have you ever had a dream where you couldn’t tell if it was really a dream or not? Those are the most complex ones. They feel like real life, meaning… something that happened in that dream could have happened the same way in real life. Something good or even bad. Whenever I experience these, they […]