Keep Your Head Up

Andy Grammer really brings my mood up, i’m listening to his songs, okay not listening… I am burning them into my brain. I feel like the music isn’t loud enough… 

My mother isn’t home so I get to play it as loud as I want too, and it isn’t loud enough…

I feel like everything is going wrong. The only thing going right, is work. The love of my life (for now) is leaving, and now the two people who I don’t want to separate, are… Nothing is in my favor… 

It feels nice to scream… Just not afterwards. I guess this summer, I need to adjust to a new and completely different life and find a new love… Find a new comforting person and connection… I guess I have to learn some new things. I really want to go to work right now and just, feel at ease and become distracted. I really do. I also want to pour my heart out to some people that I would see. But, I guess I can’t really do that since I am not at work. Oh well, I will be able to tomorrow I guess, part of me hopes for the secluded area called Dish Room, and the other half doesn’t wish that at all. I might get lobby again, and that is fine with me. I’d like it too. 

I need to breathe, I should take a nap after I am done cleaning a bit. That’s what I should do, and that’s what I will do. 

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