Tag: emotions

  • A Day Like Today

    My morning started off somber, I was thinking of the past and soon I was transported back in time as I mindlessly worked with the actions. I wasnt in present time, I was far from that. Back in two years thinking of him. Every now and then, I would focus back on reality, but I […]

  • Aspirations in a Knot.

    Today was a lonely Christmas, until it hit late afternoon, when I went and saw The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty with my friend Lydia.  I thought that movie was funny and motivational in a way, because I want to become a writer in the future, and my dream is also to travel so I […]

  • Keep Your Head Up

    Andy Grammer really brings my mood up, i’m listening to his songs, okay not listening… I am burning them into my brain. I feel like the music isn’t loud enough…  My mother isn’t home so I get to play it as loud as I want too, and it isn’t loud enough… I feel like everything […]

  • It Was a Good Day

    Today was a great day, it started off great and ended pretty amazing! First Off Is The Book Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god! It is amazing so far, so… kinky and sexy. I love this book. Oh, boy. I love it. Ha-ha, it’s too much, but I don’t want […]