Mondays and Tuesdays are my days off, but they quickly turned to crap when I woke up on both days with a stuff and site neck. It even hit my shoulders. So I bought a new pillow today and it's pretty nice. So far so good. I gotta get to sleep soon. Work in the… Continue reading Pillows


So, I am done with giving myself crappy views. At least I hope I am. I am going to sleep in tonight, and wake up fresh.I will get everything in order again.Tonight was really fun. I went to HuHot with some friends, and I spotted 4 cute guys. My friend Jake was willing to sort… Continue reading


It’s Very Strange

These days seem to pass by real quick. I stay up late and sometimes wake up early.I feel like the days are all blending together lately, nothing is defining each, individual day. The same routine happens, sometimes. It's either wake up early, take out neighbors dogs, or work. Then sit around on computer and browse and… Continue reading It’s Very Strange


Keep Your Head Up

Andy Grammer really brings my mood up, i'm listening to his songs, okay not listening... I am burning them into my brain. I feel like the music isn't loud enough... My mother isn't home so I get to play it as loud as I want too, and it isn't loud enough...I feel like everything is going… Continue reading Keep Your Head Up


Getting My Summer Life Together

I have a play. I am going to wake up in less than six hours, clean my bathroom before I use it. Then I will practice personal hygiene. I will then make food, and eat it and savor it. I will then clean that mess up and perhaps clean up the kitchen for my mother. Then… Continue reading Getting My Summer Life Together