60 is The High

Work was pretty busy due to the amazing weather that happened out of the blue. I got all of the items that I needed to get done, for only today. I have more for the rest of the week since in early April we have a huge (600-1000) order which includes bakery. I was really tempted to bake at home, but I felt too lazy and unorganized compared to work where I have everything I need.

I am getting my first credit card tomorrow, I have to use it responsibly, and I will. I just need it to build up credit easily. (that’s why it’s called a credit card.) My phone is shut off because someone (I don’t know who and at this point I don’t care anymore…)  cancelled it, so now I have a prepaid phone. My note 2 still works as long as I am connected to wifi, and at the moment, I am in the process of gathering information to unlock it and get any kind of service for it, (T-mobile, Verizon, AT&T, etc…) then when I get decent credit, I can get my own plan with things that I want. 

I’ve been outside lately, for a walk or a run with the dog, or just going to the bank/gas station. When it gets super nice out, I will ride a bike everyday into town or something, maybe I will attempt to run a straight 4 miles. 

Oh, remember the guy that I liked at my workplace? How I was rejected and all, well… I decided to give up on it. Its not use treading on coals when I know I won’t get to the other side. I’d rather walk back and find something else.  I also dyed my hair black, so now it is all one color and not the other three that I had.

Anyway, summer is right around the corner! Along with my birthday.

One response to “60 is The High”

  1. Congrats, you have spoken words of wisdom well beyond your years and following your proposed plan will pay dividends beyond your wildest dreams! My heart is always with you and I admire your strength to have already have had to deal with all the adversity that you have faced in your life at such a tender age! Stay strong and refuse change when you feel in your heart your thinking and r actions are right for you . toddles and have a fantastic day and remember always keep your eye to the future, and never burn bridges behind you..

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