Because Of You: Chapter Three

Chapter One, Chapter Two... Previous Chapter: here! School couldn't go by any slower, the classes ticked by and I made the mistake of putting a little mascara on this morning, for tonight. All the guys in class are looking at me like I am a stranger and the girls seem to be approaching a little… Continue reading Because Of You: Chapter Three


Missing You

Its been a while since I wrote about missing someone, but since I dont like writing it physically and I always hope that specific person will read it, here I go. It started off with hearing my mother talk about my father, and I thought to myself, get over it. It wasn't anything sad, she… Continue reading Missing You



Last night was pretty emotional for me.  I realized that I'm not head over heels or anything like that.  I'm sad and lonely still,  and I wanted a night where I felt loved.  I didn't get that and I cried.  I keep thinking,  what am I doing wrong.  He told me he didn't want to… Continue reading Emotions