I’ve been really neglecting my blog, haven’t I? 

I’m sorry.

It’s spring break. I’ve been doing Yoga, and hanging around my house when I am not working. I work all week, the nights. But yesterday, I worked a split shift, 7 – 1:30 then I had a dentist appointment and I got out at 3. Then I rested for less than 40 minutes, headed to work 4 – 8. It was exhausting. Last night, I did meditate because I was shocked at all the lies that I believed from someone. I meditated to clear my mind, and it worked. I really enjoy it now. I decided not to get into a relationship anymore, and I decided to focus on Yoga, school, and work. 

I changed my diet, it’s basically vegetarian but I am choosing to stick with poultry. My diet basically didn’t change, but I won’t eat hamburger’s or ham, beef, steak. I won’t eat ribs or anything like that anymore. I also stopped drinking soda, I am weaning myself from it, slowly. I drink tea, water, and milk. I am no longer eating sweets too, like cookies, chocolate, candy. I won’t any of that now. 

I have a dentist appointment next Wednesday. The oral surgeon’s office, I guess. I am going to get a tooth pulled, and it hurts to the point where I don’t want to be awake. When I went to the dentist’s office yesterday, they warned me about a tooth. The x-rays showed two teeth that are almost identical, however, one tooth has a indentation in the root of the tooth, inside my gums. The indentation is almost touching my nerve, and so the dentist told me to call if I have any problems with that tooth. It makes me feel weary. Another thing with the cavity that will be pulled, it’s right underneath my sinus’s, usually, it’s supposed to be the wisdom teeth, which I have in, that are under the sinus’s and that’s why most people want to get their wisdom teeth pulled, because if they get cavities, it’s harder to fix. 

Anyway, it’s nice out, and I want to get some sunshine and so I am going to grab the mail. 

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