Oh, Life

It’s been a while since I uploaded a decent post. Not a lot has been going on, apart from being single now.

I decided it, really. I told my boyfriend if he can’t deal with a relationship with all the other stuff going on, then let’s break up. Those are words that vary from my actual speech. I cried for sometime-yesterday and this morning. It’s hard. He is my second love, but I should have known. This would be the outcome anyway, high school relationships hardly last. I believe this is for the better.

However, it is ironic that this is Feb. 4th when he broke up with me and on the 6th in 2012 was when Nick broke it off with me. That made me cry a little more, but nothing to bad.

I just need to listen to sad songs and I will end up okay, eventually.

I have to work tonight. My friend jake said he is going to stop by and bring me a chocolate milk to make me feel better. He can’t help it, I guess. I also have to rewrite a paper tonight. Yippie!

Oh, life. Thank you for having so many wonderful distractions.


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