What family gatherings?

My favorite type of family gatherings? I really don't have any. I have been to a couple of family gatherings. My Uncles birthday party, which was pretty fun, despite sitting around and doing little to nothing. I went to my boyfriends' family Thanksgiving, which was alright, despite sitting around eating and sharing stories, which I didn't really participate in. And I remember my 2003 family Thanksgiving. My grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, brother. My two aunts, and uncles, my cousins; Reina, Louis, Erica, and I think Zach was their. This was kind of a family photo, even though Grandma and Grandpa weren't in it. The party/gathering was held in my grandparents apartment meeting room. It was really fun, and I love them so much.

Coming up, this Christmas, I am going to have dinner with my boyfriends' family. I'm not really nervous or anything, I just know I won't be able to really partake in the conversations, and well talk about anything. I feel awkward and kind of envious. My family doesn't get together. My Grandparents and my Uncle Jeff, Aunt Reiko, and their three children live in Idaho, and they have no money to come down, and I doubt they even would. My Uncle Greg, Aunt Darla live in Des Moines and they probably wouldn't come, besides my mother and her brother have some family issues. Then my cousin Zach lives with his real mother down in Mississippi. I'd rather spend time with my grandparents up in Idaho then with my mother and father. They have some deep issues that run far back, and it seems like my mother can't really get over some of them either… It's a bit of a pain.

I never really liked my family gatherings, nor anyone elses' unless I feel like I am included, which rarely happens. And I am TOTALLY NOT saying that I don't like going to other family gatherings, it's just… I feel out of place. I don't mind it though, I get used to it.

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