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  • Bedroom Style

    I finally have the ability to drive to wal-mart and buy things without the help of others. I feel more like an adult now-out in the real world. I bought a couple things for my still unclean bedroom. I got a temporary closet, a laundry basket, a book shelf and a bed frame. All of […]

  • Sunday, Monday, Tuesday…

    The days blend together like coffee and creamer. They seem to create one long line of my lifespan in which nothing new happens. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Monday though Friday, the same old routine. Wake up later than I should, get to work, work, get off of work and come home. […]

  • A happy picture…

    A happy picture, for a sad post. So, I was at work-went in late. No break as punishment, whatever. Then at the time near closing, my mother comes in and asks for stuff that were out of, and she tells me the most amazing news. “Your father wants to go his separate ways.” Wait… what!? Separate ways? She told […]

  • Facebook Boredom

    Facebook Boredom

    The reflection of my blog: partial About me. I was really bored.

  • Fifty Shades of Fucked Up

    My baby Charlie! Sitting in a basket just a bit too small for him! Oh god. This book, wow. It’s so unexpectedly romantic and sexy, and seductive, and painful. I can really see it as a true story, and every character seems important, and I mean every character. All the way down to Bob and to […]

  • So Romantic

    Oh, gosh, this brought tears to my eyes. It’s so romantic and creative and adorable! I’m envious!

  • Views

    First: Here is my super awesome hair. Second: Wow, I feel like I can surpass my most viewed day which was last year in December. I gained 64 views. Just the other day, I achieved 51 views! Awesome, and today, so far, I have 23. I wonder how many more I can get. It’d be […]

  • It Was a Good Day

    Today was a great day, it started off great and ended pretty amazing! First Off Is The Book Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god! It is amazing so far, so… kinky and sexy. I love this book. Oh, boy. I love it. Ha-ha, it’s too much, but I don’t want […]

  • Compassion


    I feel amazing after talking on Compassion Pit. If I never stumbled to that sight, then I would have never stopped crying or vented my feelings. I feel so much better. I’ll go their more often! Click the picture to get to the website!

  • Procrastination


    It happens to all of us, even if we aren’t in college!