Leg day

I made up a work out plan, I actually did it and it’s thanks to my reconnection with Pinterest. I used to aspire to buy and do so many things because of that website, but then I lost interest. It happens sometimes, life gets in the way.
I’m back though. I’ve decided to make a list of workouts for Monday through Sunday. Each day targets a different area.
Monday – weekstarter(sun salutations, more stretching). Tuesday – back & chest(weight lifting, so arms included). Wednesday – core(all focus on stability and balance). Thursday – thigh & butt(repitition form). Friday – Leg(more thigh and but action, more energetic and fast paced). Saturday and Sunday I had an option of either an really intense yoga sequence or going for a run and doing a full body workout. I left it as an option for a rest day as well.
I decided this plan up yesterday when I did Thursdays workout. It was intense and it made me want to workout more because I missed to feeling. I did Fridays today and that was nice, made me want to go run but I don’t want to overwork myself. I have to work later. I am keeping track of the dates I workout by writing it down and I also keep track of other things on a daily basis. I’m enjoying this, I got my taxes back too, that went bye bye real fast. I was struggling with money for a little but, but I am okay for now. Hopefully getting another job here soon to help with cash flow. The struggle is real, but I feel okay. I’m doing research on astrology too. Not too much, just basics. I want to see when it can take me. I’m trying to read more as well, but the internet distracts me. I’ll get there though.

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