Thursday’s Adventures

Well, today my motivation spiked! I was headed into work only to find out that I was not scheduled. I facepalm to that fact. After I found out that I was not scheduled, I clocked out and left the store, then I decided to walk to the library. Today isn’t as hot as it was yesterday or the day before, so it’s a perfect time to just roam around and perhaps, I don’t know, do something I wanted to do.

And, now. I am sitting in the library and I just randomly starting talking to some random people that look vaguely familiar. It’s pretty awesome! I love when i find people that I can talk too. It’s amazing. Whenever I find people that are sort of like me, I can always be myself around them, even if i don’t know them. I just love that feeling of talking to someone and feeling like they have been my friend for a while.

Today, thursday adventures have yet to begin.

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