Too Much

ImageI ate too much! My stomach hurts. Or did I eat too fast? Couldn’t that be the problem too?

It’s really cold in my room, I’m wrapped up in my blanket writing this, I have to take out the neighbors dog soon. She’s dying, it’s sad. 

Anyway, I took out the bed frame under my bed, so now I sleep on the ‘floor’. It’s pretty nice, I like it a lot, I made my bed into a day type thing too. Ha-ha. It works sometimes. I earned money Friday, and I think I wasted my money on a phone… Not good, but we will see. I bought a pretty cute necklace that has the words “You know my name, not my story.” On it. I love that thing, I can’t wait to get it in the mail. I went shopping at Wal-mart with my mom, and I also gave her 30 bucks for gas money. Haha, that is where all my money went. I really need to save money, not spend it, but it is kind of hard when I somehow always end up running out of things. 

I need to go take out the dog now, and then I think I will read or write. I’m not quite sure yet. 

Oh! my eyes are so pretty!ImageImage

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