It’s Too Fast

I keep getting closer to you, even though that the time between us is quickly slipping away. 

I know that you will be leaving me again, but I want to keep the closeness that we have at this moment.

Keep me in your arms tonight and please don’t leave yet, just a little more time.

What will it be like when I want to see you, but then I realize that you won’t be here?

What will I do? What will I do?

I want to rest my heart, it’s beating so hard and fast, it hurts. 

I love that I love you, but will my heart ever beat so fast for someone else, will these tears flow for someone else?

Will I ever see you again? Why does it have to be this way…

Am I being punished for all that I have done? 

I just want you here in my arms until you leave. I miss you already.

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