My Favorite Hobby

Dressed in sexy casual clothes,
Drooling over Manga boys.
At every angle I can see,
I always make some noise! 

Hugging, Kissing, touching.
Okay already, that’s enough!
I can’t take this anymore! 
Why aren’t you all real, it’s so tough!

Come into my world!
Sing me a wonderful song!
Draw me a beautiful picture,
Let this mange be surprisingly long!

I’m dying here boy!
One comic after another,
Haha, I’ll gladly be your little toy!
Now let me come into the dream…

Manga boys, oh manga boys.
You so totally are my dream guy.
Nice, mean, cute, sexy, all together,
you don’t need to be shy. 

I’m already hooked, 
so please, now look.
I really really need you,

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