I hate it when something isn’t clean, but most of the time… I feel too lazy! It’s horrible! However, for some reason, today was different. I wanted to clean, despite the intense humidity and heat in the house and outside. I first cleaned my reptiles cage(Emlen-I’ll post an introduction for him.), it’s very nice! Then I went ahead and did mine, it’s also very nice! I’m pretty satisfied… for now. 

So over the two weeks, where I did mostly nothing, I managed to save 100 dollars in my account! That’s a first, but it’ll be gone tomorrow! Why? Well, that’s simple. It’s only the most amazing day ever, the day I buy my very first lap-top, for… (Pause for dramatic effect) A WHOPPING 300… dollars? Yes. 300 dollars, cheap right? I got/getting it from craigslist. It’s something for my free/all time; a gateway (Just like my desktop!) tablet! It is generally a laptop but the twist (Literally) is the screen. It TWISTS and lies flat on top of the keyboard and transforms into a tablet! It will be lovely, I hope. I’d be able to draw/doodle, and type or write at the same time! I’m excited!

I have a lot of projects on their way, one is due as soon as tomorrow! I’m not even finished ( I know I should be working on that rather than typing this…) but I have two free periods tomorrow. My projects are:

  • English: Multi-genre project. I have to pick a question, and mine is How/Why is writing used as therapy? After I pick my question, on a small handout we students got, we pick five themes/genres to use to answer this question. I picked these: Magazine Article, Photograph, Invitation, Membership Cards, Short Story. Then we have to include a Introductory letter, motif, works cited with five sources(I have three), and a Table of contents. I only have 4 of the five genres and basically none of the other required things. I’ll hopefully get it done all of tomorrow!
  • U.S. History: I have to fill out a packet that has 6-8 different questions on it, and I have to take notes of what we learned through 2nd term and draw connections with different topics that answer the question. Then I have to choose five of the questions and write five, one paged essays. Then I get to write really small on a notecard to help boost my memory on each essay. Then I roll a dice, get a number and then it matches up with an essay, and then I give a speech about that one question all with the help of my memory and the notecard, my teacher will also help me by giving me questions.
  • Chemistry Demo: In Chem, my group of four have to each find a demo to represent to fourth graders(my teacher) and then we talk about and show the demo and all of the chemistry behind it using a fourth grade language. Most of the grade is individual! I think I also have to write an essay about the chemistry! 

This is gonna be a great week. After tomorrow, I only have two main projects that are on my priority list! Hooray! 

Tomorrow/tonight at midnight (less than 5 minutes) I get paid and that is also when I get to calculate money! I need to buy a lot of things that I need. It will be exciting to spend all my money again!! Now it is almost mid-night and I need to sleep, I have to wake at 6 am tomorrow! Goodnight! 

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