Everyone has a different point of view, and not everyone can relate to what you say. Times are hard, and things are very frustrating. I thought everything was just about to settle, I just moved and settled in, I felt that I found my niche in life, I loved my job and felt excited to work each day. I felt happy and calm. I still do, don’t worry. Things just seemed like they were looking up, I felt stronger than I have before. It’s a wonderful feeling, honestly. I was looking forward to the future.

I stopped. Frozen in time for a few days, it felt like I was unable to think. It didn’t feel real, not this soon. I didn’t think this part of my life would end so soon. My store, Teavana, is closing. Teavana is a Starbucks company that I have worked for about, 2 1/2 years. I completely fell in love with everything about Teavana, their mission, vison, goal, and their teas! I never knew what tea was all about, but it changed my life. Teavana turned into my home, I barely stepped my foot in the door… I wanted to learn so much more about everything. I learned every day while working, and the people that I helped were the best. There were so many people who I connected with over tea, and often times, they become regulars and end up as friends. I love all the people I work/worked with! I’ve never worked with such caring people before. They were always a blast to work with and very easy to communicate with. I’m going to miss all the memories I made while working for Teavana. I feel that my time is cut too short with this brand and I will cherish my time left. The future is scary especially since I know I will run out of tea at some point..

I know that I am strong, I know that I will be okay. I just feel a little lost right now, so give me a break.  I’m going to be the best that I can be and drink as much tea as possible.


One response to “Lost”

  1. Your next position might not be as great as this one, but never fear, you will eventually find another situation that you love as much as this, or maybe even more. Have faith.

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