One Week

Over the course of one week, while I was away in Minnesota, I had a lot of time to think. I thought a lot, unknowingly. While I tanned, I thought. While I was in pain with every movement I took due to the sunburn, I thought. While I swam, ate, sang, drank, dances, talked, slept, relaxed, or played… I thought. I thought about everything. I was away from the thing called internet, had my phone and that was pretty much it. I stayed with my friend Mel, her mother and father, and her brother-Matt and his girlfriend of two years-Angie. She brought her daughter, Jaydah(I call her Jay), and her daughters friend, Emma. 

The group of ours stayed on a house boat for almost a week. Monday night to Friday morning. Through out this week, I experienced bliss in every thought. I learned to apologize and thank. I didn’t want to seem as rude as I am with my family due to how they act. I learned to keep my mouth shut at times as well(we all know how much I talk without thinking). The kids were very fond of me, and I was fond of everyone. The first few nights, I was unsociable with the people who sat at the fire pit, which was everyone but myself. Then I did for the last two nights. It was fun and I regret, just a little, that I didn’t go earlier. 

I miss the starry skies I laid under. I miss the waves I rocked on throughout the day. I miss the trees, the birds, the fish, the laughter. I miss the fact that not everyone there knew of all that I have done and I was okay with that, because I usually tell everyone my life story within three days of knowing them. Over the course of this trip, of one week, I laughed more, I smiled more, I frowned more, I cried more, I giggled more than I have before. Why, people may ask. I think for a couple reasons. I was with a dear friend of mine, I was away from the town of familiar faces and locations, I was on a quite large lake living in a house boat. I was with people I’ve known all together for less than a week(all including the times that I’ve seen them). I was away from internet. I was away from my life. I thought about all these things while living there. It was a well needed experience, and it was beautiful through all the mess of it. 

I took off work for a full week. I go back on Monday, bright and early-5:30 AM to 3:15 PM. Wake up to getting home. For the last week of June, right around the corner; Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, those times. Saturday is the last day I will be working with the part timers that work at night, I will miss them. The first week of July will be my first week full time at my work place, in place of the baker, Betty, who is leaving after 6 years. In November, it will be my 2nd year working there-for my first job- and already I am getting full time. My family and I are proud of this news. 

I finished reading Memoirs of a Geisha, it was amazing, truly inspirational and magnificent. I adored it so much I will buy it, just like White Oleander. I never come across amazing reads like that. Honestly, White Oleander and Memoirs of a Geisha are my two most inspirational and well written books that I adore. 

That’s all I can focus on writing for tonight/morning. I’m pretty exhausted and I need some rest. 

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