I’m amazed! Ever since I got my Ball Python (April of 2012) he never shed in a whole piece, and just today I figured out what I did! A couple days or maybe a week before he fully developed his layer of old skin, I bathed him for a couple of minutes. I will bathe him again! It really helped. I am just so proud he doesn’t have to go through the pain of having layers of old skin sticking to him. Since his last shed, he wouldn’t eat. His last shed was a couple of months ago, and I either guess… He wouldn’t eat because it’s winter(and since he didn’t shed through winter until today… maybe it’s not winter anymore… I don’t know. It isn’t in my house at least.) Or he wouldn’t eat because he had some skin he could not rub off. I get paid next Friday. I need to save up some money, but I will gather some money to buy a rat for my boy. I wish I could buy him a Gerbel. He seems to like them. More fun for him to play with. 

I am bringing the long snakeskin to my teacher at school. I think it would be a cool think to add to her collection. It’s not amazingly cool, like the full skin of the head isn’t attached, but a lot of the body is. I feel like he got longer. 

This is a short update. I will update my family/at home situation later today or tomorrow at some point!

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