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  • Talk About Excuses

    I’ve been having a couple off days, I haven’t been working out or following through with my blog as much as I did. It is one of those weekends. Recently, I’ve been kind of down and haven’t had the feel for anything of the sort, so today, I am going to make an effort to […]

  • Zero To Hero in 30 Days: Part Eleven

    I read more topics of yoga, I didn’t really comment though, my mind is blurred and I am getting a headache, but I did check out more blogs and I will continue this tomorrow. I read more topics in Yoga, and I don’t have much to say, but I did comment on some blog articles […]

  • Zero to Hero in 30 Days: Part Nine & Ten

    I’ve begun to research more blogs over topics that I already have, since I can not find any more topics to search for at the moment. I want to hone in on blogs that are on the other topics that I don’t look at so much, so I can discover the many amazing people that […]

  • Zero To Hero in 30 Days: Part Eight

    My about me page is now updated! It used to be very strange, and awkward, and I am proud that I deleted it all and rewrote the whole thing. I thought about what would describe me, in a positive, maybe humorous light. Its was difficult and almost took me an hour. *** On the other […]

  • Zero To Hero In 30 Days: Part Seven

    I’ve added my header image. It’s a photograph of myself, taking a photo. Even though this is not a photo blogging site, It is still one of my biggest hobbies apart from writing.  The camera in the photo is my Canon T3i, It is my first DSLR camera and it will not be my last, […]

  • Zero to Hero in 30 Days: Part Six

    Sarah Kay. This woman is amazing, I love her spoken word. I stumbled across this one day a couple years ago, and it’s been my goal to memorize it. I can literally recite this anywhere if I get to the point where I can memorize it. Provided by TED.com, this person along with this site, […]

  • Zero to Hero in 30 Days: Part Five

    I’ve stumbled through many different themes to make this blog mine, but the current theme I have, is just perfect. New themes come out all the time and I am always itching to try new things.  I really want to get one of the premium themes or learn coding and create my own, however I […]

  • Zero to Hero in 30 Days: Part Four

    My assignment was to follow more topics, I did just that, but I also deleted some that I never even go to. I added Photography, Galaxies, inspiration, spirituality, and travel. The most recent one I looked at is Galaxies, and wow, people are amazing. I just got my mind blown reading through this persons blog. […]

  • Zero to Hero in 30 Days: Part Three

    What’s on my mind? I used to have an obsession with animals, so I wanted to become a vet, until I saw a video on the possibilities of killing a dog when its stomach has turned over. I was young, so I didn’t realize all the bad and good with each occupation. I got into […]

  • Zero to Hero in 30 Days: Part Two

    Since I have the perfect tagline and title, that I think, I tinkered with my blog a little bit. I’ve always wondered how certain things showed up on blogs, and I just discovered it. My text widget in the sidebar. I like it a lot. In the future, I can see myself changing the text […]