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  • Time Is The Objective

    Time is so small, compared to the bigger issues. The more things I don’t do, the less time I feel that I have used usefully. It’s my biggest struggle, time management. I need to manage my time more wisely. I spend most of my free time, which is right after 4 PM on the internet. […]

  • It’s Very Strange

    These days seem to pass by real quick. I stay up late and sometimes wake up early.I feel like the days are all blending together lately, nothing is defining each, individual day. The same routine happens, sometimes. It’s either wake up early, take out neighbors dogs, or work. Then sit around on computer and browse and […]

  • How would I spend this… So confusing.

    That would be a hard decision. I don't know what I would get. For one, I never have money on hand, it's all my parents. When I do get money I never know what to get. I want a lap top but I don't want one. It's confusing. Ugh. Um. I would like to get […]