In times of gre…

In times of great stress or adversity, it’s always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive. - Lee IacoccaI had some extreme stress today. My mother and I got into a large argument and it pushed me on the edge. I'd always hold my my thoughts whenever we… Continue reading In times of gre…



My darkest daysare sharp in my mind.Love in our eyes,now faded in our hearts. Intimacy strong in our hands,feelings cringing beneath the surfacewhile the wheels of the car steer far from home. Dreams of fingers entwined together,lips parted and sighs exasperated.The stars shine and the day seems brighter,it is just a dream, right? Memories of love and happiness,shrouded in… Continue reading Love



I waitFor you.For thosekisses, hugs, laughs, smiles. I want your armsTo curl around my body.Wrap me up.I want you, I love you, I miss you. It's time though,I need to say my farewell.I do not love in that way anymore,No longer together, your leaving, I finally accepted it. I still love you, forever...Please,Be happy, smile, love, care, laugh, enjoy. Try… Continue reading Forever

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Not The Best

Today wasn't the best. It was okay at some parts, but overall, what a downer. It was great that I got to sleep in, and didn't have to go to school til' 11:25. That was amazing, my morning (at home) went great. I got to type stuff up and transfer stuff... But then, on my… Continue reading Not The Best