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  • I feel like I have accomplished a lot of things today, I did stand up to someone who has been pushing my buttons and has been getting under my skin, of course that person denied doing anything to outcast me in any way. She later apologized to me for any actions that made me think […]

  • Connect With Skype

    This video is amazing, short and sweet. Skype hits you hard in this video. It proves that you can have a best friend with out actually being right next to them. It’s amazing. I don’t have much to say, so just watch it for yourself.

  • Urban Dictionary: sawyer

    If only Sawyer looked like this. Then I’d blog about him all day.  Urban Dictionary: sawyer. I am not so sure which one fits the best description of my long lost friend, Sawyer. It’s pretty hard to describe him but, he is the best! No mustache.  How do you like this post Sawyer?