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  • Because Of You: Chapter Two

    Read Chapter One: here As I finished school, I walked away from my ‘Bros’ and headed toward the train station. I remembered the exact time I saw her, it was a little after 5, the train I took was at 4:15 and I followed the girls from my school down town. I retraced my steps and my […]

  • Zero to Hero in 30 Days: Part Nine & Ten

    I’ve begun to research more blogs over topics that I already have, since I can not find any more topics to search for at the moment. I want to hone in on blogs that are on the other topics that I don’t look at so much, so I can discover the many amazing people that […]

  • Black Friday

    So, I am black Friday shopping, its busy busy. I haven’t bought anything yet, but I plan on buying a great camera. It would be worth while. You know I have heard that I have so many talents, I just need to put them to use.

  • Tea

    I have this Goji Berry tea from the Stash company. It smells amazing and tastes pretty amazing too. I love it, it is my favorite. To make it better, I bought a tea put and cups for 20 dollars at Stuff; a new store in the town. That place its amazing. Here’s my day, 7 […]