The thoughts that cloud my mind and heart.

I feel like I want to go off the clock. Everything is hard, my thoughts towards all my friends, like all the paranoia. “Are they really my friends?" “Why aren't we hanging out?" Stuff like that. Other people tend to make my thoughts worsen because I get too attached and I idolize too much. This… Continue reading The thoughts that cloud my mind and heart.


Wild and Free

TWT = The Writer's Toolbox (a creative writing/inspiration spark for anyone.)*This story is mostly unedited and I am typing straight from my notebook. It's not the best.*My grandfather lied to my grandmother. I guess it runs in the family. They were fighting again. It happens every night since their daughter, my mother, died. I don't… Continue reading Wild and Free



I waitFor you.For thosekisses, hugs, laughs, smiles. I want your armsTo curl around my body.Wrap me up.I want you, I love you, I miss you. It's time though,I need to say my farewell.I do not love in that way anymore,No longer together, your leaving, I finally accepted it. I still love you, forever...Please,Be happy, smile, love, care, laugh, enjoy. Try… Continue reading Forever


I Mumbled ‘bye’ To The Man I Love

The worst goodbye, I said it a couple of days ago actually. A guy that I love, we dated for more than a year... He is moving and we had some sort of physical relationship and I had an emotional relationship with it too, he didn't, this was after we all broke up. Anyway... It was… Continue reading I Mumbled ‘bye’ To The Man I Love

I will always love you.

Such a long one, wow. I kinda got off track, sorry! I feel like I have been in love a lot, but I realized that it has only been once. A strong love that will never go away. It all started around last year, the day I met this guy, who seemed pretty feminine, but… Continue reading I will always love you.