Proven Now

  In some possible way, dreams can become reality. Life on edge and alert isn’t fun. Life is about learning and experiences. Many things can happen in a day, and today was that day.  

Good Early Morning

Ah, staying up late is always a summer dream. It’s also a reality for me! It’s almost 2:30 in the morning, and I need sleep. I have been busy procrastinating from things I want to do. SUMMER PLANS: To-Do List Finish the Fifty Shade’s of Grey Trilogy. Make three notebooks full of Chinese, Korean, Japanese. Finish … More Good Early Morning

A Shell

Life.Sink in deep,A pit filled to the rim,Overflowing.Silky, navy waves,Drip over the sides.Rippled water,Hair swims like lace.Trapped underneath the surface,Banging muffled.My own reflection-Broken and shattered.Unheard. Unseen. Unspoken.Apart from myself. A shell,Alone. Empty. Separated. 

The Fourth!

Happy fourth everyone! It’s going to be great today-just kidding, a little. I don’t really have anything planned, beside meeting with someone. Other than that, my plan is to stay home and probably work on writing and watching some of the you-tube videos I have stocked up.  I just got my books yesterday-Fifty Shades Darker, … More The Fourth!


First: Here is my super awesome hair. Second: Wow, I feel like I can surpass my most viewed day which was last year in December. I gained 64 views. Just the other day, I achieved 51 views! Awesome, and today, so far, I have 23. I wonder how many more I can get. It’d be … More Views

At last

I have a prom date, and I am really happy. Prom is my birthday and I am working and going with one of the guys from my creative writing class. I’m really nervous, but excited. First high school dance and it happens to be my birthday, and it so happens to be prom. I have … More At last