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  • Zero to Hero in 30 Days: Part Six

    Sarah Kay. This woman is amazing, I love her spoken word. I stumbled across this one day a couple years ago, and it’s been my goal to memorize it. I can literally recite this anywhere if I get to the point where I can memorize it. Provided by TED.com, this person along with this site, […]

  • I come from

    I come from trees and sunshine,Rainy days and snowy winds.I come from duplexes, and stores on every corner.From butterscotch candies, and that old ladies home.I come from trees that line the streets, and the raindrops on cars and rooftops.I come from the kitties; Montana, Freeway, Ally, and the most precious-Dexter.I am from best friends and […]

  • Writing

    Writing is creative and bold.I’ll write until I grow senile and old.I’ll discover all my stories as they unfold.Writing is never controlled. My writing is my world.The words on this page unfurled,As the spoken word twisted and twirled,until, out with it, the words hurled. Sharing my dreams with everyone around me,Written and or spoken, it […]

  • Dream Poem

    Make a wish And dream once more, Dream wilder and bigger Than ever before.   Look up to the skies And down below. Your dreams will follow you Wherever you go.   Hold on to them tight, Don’t loosen your grip. Reality will fight back, And you might just trip.   So hold on to […]

  • In This Life

    Maybe in this life,it’s too much to bear.I can’t ever be your wife,nor can I ever feel your stare. Your so far away now,there is nothing let here.And to our love, I take a bow,and no longer shall I shed a tear. I will look forward and onto new days,These lonely hours will pass me […]

  • Fall

    I want to fall in love. Unlock these rusted chains and set me free. Let me soar and fly up above. Let me rest on Cloud Nine; carefree.   Memories drag me back down, plummiting to the Earth A dark, twisted, painful shutdown. The wish haunting and screaming: rebirth.   Love or lust. Whatever it […]

  • Forever

    I waitFor you.For thosekisses, hugs, laughs, smiles.  I want your armsTo curl around my body.Wrap me up.I want you, I love you, I miss you.  It’s time though,I need to say my farewell.I do not love in that way anymore,No longer together, your leaving, I finally accepted it.  I still love you, forever… Please,Be happy, smile, […]

  • A Shell

    Life.Sink in deep,A pit filled to the rim,Overflowing.Silky, navy waves,Drip over the sides.Rippled water,Hair swims like lace.Trapped underneath the surface,Banging muffled.My own reflection-Broken and shattered.Unheard. Unseen. Unspoken.Apart from myself. A shell,Alone. Empty. Separated. 

  • Sitting in the …

    Sitting in the dark, Time whispers past the ears. Light fades from the vision, Sink into the dreams, the nightmares. Footsteps distancing, breathing quickens. Silent screams, strangled cries. The dreams are back. Love it was the air in these lungs, that are now heaving. Loveless thinking, loveless breathing, loveless living. Clenched fists and closed eyes. […]

  • You Loved Me Then

    “I love you,” you would say. Sweetness in your eyes. Your heart didn’t sway. When your hand held mine so tight, you loved me then, with all your might. My feelings still so strong and keen, I’d like to believe that this was all unseen. I’d tell myself, this isn’t real, I’d say to you, […]