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  • The Lines

    sometimesthere is life outside the lines. spread color in the ‘no go’ areasof the coloring book.hop in between the linesat the crosswalk. it is like thinking outside of the box,it isn’t the same andyou may feel differentlyand you may think differentlyand it is possible that you will act differently.you will see the world in a different […]

  • Midnight Dreams

    This feeling is repetitive. When the lights are out,and the world seems to be asleep. My mind likes to speak,when the stars are shining,or when the cloud cover is illuminated by the moon. My mind is working,when the body’s attention is occupied.My thoughts are flowing,when the night sky looms closer. My midnight dreamsare made into […]

  • The Night

    A night with you, is a night that I longed for.  A night with you, is my dream come true. A night spent with you, is a night that I wasn’t alone. That night I spent with you, was a night where I felt whole. It was a night that I wish never ended. It […]

  • Slumps

    I’m down in the slumps tonight. It’s been building up. The stress of my family, not seeing the people who make me smile and laugh. It’s just me, being left alone with my thoughts and memories. It’s getting me upset. Crying doesn’t help the depression, it makes it worse.  ~ I am lonely. I feel alone. I […]

  • Dream Poem

    Make a wish And dream once more, Dream wilder and bigger Than ever before.   Look up to the skies And down below. Your dreams will follow you Wherever you go.   Hold on to them tight, Don’t loosen your grip. Reality will fight back, And you might just trip.   So hold on to […]

  • Love

    My darkest days are sharp in my mind. Love in our eyes, now faded in our hearts.   Intimacy strong in our hands, feelings cringing beneath the surface while the wheels of the car  steer far from home.   Dreams of fingers entwined together, lips parted and sighs exasperated. The stars shine and the day […]

  • In This Life

    Maybe in this life,it’s too much to bear.I can’t ever be your wife,nor can I ever feel your stare. Your so far away now,there is nothing let here.And to our love, I take a bow,and no longer shall I shed a tear. I will look forward and onto new days,These lonely hours will pass me […]

  • Sitting in the …

    Sitting in the dark, Time whispers past the ears. Light fades from the vision, Sink into the dreams, the nightmares. Footsteps distancing, breathing quickens. Silent screams, strangled cries. The dreams are back. Love it was the air in these lungs, that are now heaving. Loveless thinking, loveless breathing, loveless living. Clenched fists and closed eyes. […]

  • Untitled

    Around bedtime, creativity demonstrates ecstatic furnishings. Greatly helping Imaginations jumble.Killing lament memories near open places.Quietly resting sensitive tears under vexing walls. X yelling zero. Now that was a random A-Z poem, with some hidden meanings. 

  • You Loved Me Then

    “I love you,” you would say. Sweetness in your eyes. Your heart didn’t sway. When your hand held mine so tight, you loved me then, with all your might. My feelings still so strong and keen, I’d like to believe that this was all unseen. I’d tell myself, this isn’t real, I’d say to you, […]