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  • This is Me

    I know many people have their own opinion about tattoos, and they can like them or dislike them, I personally like them. I like mine, like I should. The pair of wings were my first, I wrote about them here, when I drew the design up. Then I wrote about them after I got it, […]

  • Zero to Hero in 30 Days: Part Four

    My assignment was to follow more topics, I did just that, but I also deleted some that I never even go to. I added Photography, Galaxies, inspiration, spirituality, and travel. The most recent one I looked at is Galaxies, and wow, people are amazing. I just got my mind blown reading through this persons blog. […]

  • Wrecking Ball

    So, I can’t get enough of Miley’s song Wrecking Ball. Personally, I think it is amazing. The lyrics, it’s pretty true to heart and they speak to me. The video is strange, but that’s okay. It’s pretty emotional.  Just to put my opinion out there, I think Miley is awesome just the way she is. […]

  • My Confessions

    Hey, people who may still read all my stuff. I really like answering questions, so I decided that I will take an A-Z list of random questions and answer them on here. No one has to ask me, I will answer them all. I like answering questions and finding out more about myself, it’s pretty […]

  • This Cute Guy at a Bookstore

      So a couple days ago I got this thing in the mail, and it was mailed to the wrong address. I told my mother and she said she would return it the next day. Well a couple days passed and she still didn’t, so today I looked up the address and it was to […]