The internet isn't very good here, so I haven't been on the computer much, to make things better, my cell phone doesn't charge fast either. I'm fine with it, due I can't contact people asap, but now I have time to write and read or do other more important things. I think this is a… Continue reading Reading


Wrecking Ball

So, I can't get enough of Miley's song Wrecking Ball. Personally, I think it is amazing. The lyrics, it's pretty true to heart and they speak to me. The video is strange, but that's okay. It's pretty emotional. Just to put my opinion out there, I think Miley is awesome just the way she is. Sure… Continue reading Wrecking Ball


The thoughts that cloud my mind and heart.

I feel like I want to go off the clock. Everything is hard, my thoughts towards all my friends, like all the paranoia. “Are they really my friends?" “Why aren't we hanging out?" Stuff like that. Other people tend to make my thoughts worsen because I get too attached and I idolize too much. This… Continue reading The thoughts that cloud my mind and heart.


  There is more the life than what meets the eye. Take a closer look and see for yourself. Take a closer look and find the tiny details that can change your mind. Take a closer look to find your dreams and discover yourself, they're not far from where you stand. 

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These Fears

These fears of mine,consume me whole.I close my eyes,and I see a keyhole.It leads to a door,beyond my sight.this feels very cold,but I have to fight!When i reach that door,its tightly locked!my heart sinks into the dark,while it stared and mocked.I turn and run,into my darkened soul,my fears shadow me,and my tears unroll.My most painful… Continue reading These Fears

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My mother and I

I had a very long talk, well she did the talking, with my mother. I love her very much but she can be a pain. I stress her out a lot and I know that is bad. I am trying to change that. My father stresses her out, the past stresses her out, and she… Continue reading My mother and I

My fear of Everything.

I feel like I am afraid of everything. I'm afraid for my friends, life, people. I am afraid that my life could suddenly end, that my friends could disappear. That everything that I have ever known could just vanish. I am afraid of what lies in the unknown and unseen darkness of the world. I… Continue reading My fear of Everything.