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  • Memorial Day to an End

    I’ve been pretty caught up with moving and lazing around the apartment, with my roommate Sam. It is a one bedroom apartment and I am probably going to invest in a better sofa or a futon of some sort so it can turn into a bed for me. It would be cool if this was […]

  • Zero To Hero in 30 Days: Part Eleven

    I read more topics of yoga, I didn’t really comment though, my mind is blurred and I am getting a headache, but I did check out more blogs and I will continue this tomorrow. I read more topics in Yoga, and I don’t have much to say, but I did comment on some blog articles […]

  • Sunday

    This Sunday is such a lazy day. Most of the day, all I did, was lay on my bed and read a bunch of manga. It is giving me a headache. On the upside, I hung out with my friend Layne and we went to Aqualand. I held my first spider, a rose haired tarantula. It […]

  • Honestly

    Honestly, I am too lazy.  Here are some excuses to why I haven’t been posting: It’s too hot. I’m lazy. What do I post? I’m too bored. Etcetera, Etcetera… It has really been hot lately… Oh well. Here is a small update, sorry if I repeat myself… I have hooked my mother up with someone! […]