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  • Hunks

    I just went to my first strip club and it was for us ladies, and it was amazing! The guys are not only hot, sexy, and tantalizingly sweaty, but they are nice and carefree. Most of all they made me happy. I am glad I hung out with my friends tonight. Heres a photo with […]

  • Hot Yoga Deals

    Hot Yoga is a flow sequence in 95-104 degrees Fahrenheit temperature in a studio. Recently, a yoga studio opened up in my city and I happen to live pretty much next door. I went there today, and I was able to get information on classes and deals/prices. Each single class is 15 dollars, so 3 […]

  • Sickness

    I have been sick since Monday, the 11th. I don’t know what I have, I just know it sucks.  At some point last week, I decided to try to get my ex back. It didn’t work at all. I tried, I could of probably tried harder, but I didn’t want to be a pain or […]