Dear Boyfriend

Bryce,All my thoughts are occupied by one thing only, you. Your scent, touch, warmth, and kiss are all still fresh on my mind. I can handle not hearing your voice, seeing you, feeling you, holding you. It's only for a little while anyway. The time we spend apart is made up with the time we… Continue reading Dear Boyfriend



I waitFor you.For thosekisses, hugs, laughs, smiles. I want your armsTo curl around my body.Wrap me up.I want you, I love you, I miss you. It's time though,I need to say my farewell.I do not love in that way anymore,No longer together, your leaving, I finally accepted it. I still love you, forever...Please,Be happy, smile, love, care, laugh, enjoy. Try… Continue reading Forever

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Lie here in my …

Lie here in my arms,hold me tighter just til morn'. As soft sighs whisper between us, I know my heart will still be torn.But hold me tighter just once more,embrace me, kiss me... I knew you loved me once before.So stay by my side! Please baby, don't leave me here. I love you, I need you. So please, I beg, stay… Continue reading Lie here in my …

I will always love you.

Such a long one, wow. I kinda got off track, sorry! I feel like I have been in love a lot, but I realized that it has only been once. A strong love that will never go away. It all started around last year, the day I met this guy, who seemed pretty feminine, but… Continue reading I will always love you.

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The American Dream

Do you have an American Dream? I know I do, and I know that will change with time and experiences. If you have one, I wanna hear it so comment! I don't mind detail, that is the best part! So tell me what your dream is and why it is the way it is It… Continue reading The American Dream