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  • The night

    The navy night sky, and the silent grey clouds seemed endless. The clouds floated just as smoke dances in slow motion. The full moon, which was bright as snow, was shrouded in a tinted sea of grey. Against the sky, the clouds looked solid and thick, but once they float across the moon they are […]

  • Remember The Days

    Remember the days, when everything went right. Remember the days, when life wasn’t so hard. Remember the days, when we used to love, and trust. Remember the happy days. Forget the sad days. Remember the dreams? The dreams of tomorrow? Remember when you looked forward and never looked back. I need to remember those days. […]

  •   There is more the life than what meets the eye. Take a closer look and see for yourself. Take a closer look and find the tiny details that can change your mind. Take a closer look to find your dreams and discover yourself, they’re not far from where you stand.  

  • Proven Now

      In some possible way, dreams can become reality. Life on edge and alert isn’t fun. Life is about learning and experiences. Many things can happen in a day, and today was that day.  

  • Dreams

    Make a wish and dream once more; dream wilder and bigger than ever before.  Paige Powell Remember when you were little and you had amazing dreams; something like becoming an astronaut or a veterinarian-or something along those lines? I always wanted to be a vet. I love animals, but there are a lot of things […]

  • Too Much

    I ate too much! My stomach hurts. Or did I eat too fast? Couldn’t that be the problem too? It’s really cold in my room, I’m wrapped up in my blanket writing this, I have to take out the neighbors dog soon. She’s dying, it’s sad.  Anyway, I took out the bed frame under my […]

  • Who Have I Known The Longest

    I don’t know on person who I really have known for a long time. I guess I can say that it’s me. I have known myself and all my different personalities and traits, I have learned them and I am still learning them. I have learned about the depressing lonely Paige when she got broken up […]

  • Sitting in the …

    Sitting in the dark, Time whispers past the ears. Light fades from the vision, Sink into the dreams, the nightmares. Footsteps distancing, breathing quickens. Silent screams, strangled cries. The dreams are back. Love it was the air in these lungs, that are now heaving. Loveless thinking, loveless breathing, loveless living. Clenched fists and closed eyes. […]

  • Whirlwind

    Love; a painful, mesmerizing word. Given and or taken, either way it is absurd. Those feelings always fade away. What, who, why do I love? What does it mean? Why must there be push and shove? Love isn’t so keen. For now I am walking through a haze, full of saddened, broken and confused thoughts. […]

  • The American Dream

    Do you have an American Dream? I know I do, and I know that will change with time and experiences. If you have one, I wanna hear it so comment! I don’t mind detail, that is the best part! So tell me what your dream is and why it is the way it is It […]