The Worst Yet Best

I. Just. Finished. Insurgent.  IT WAS SO AMAZING! OH GOD! I can’t wait till next year! Jeez, why does it have to take so long! The cliff hanger was the best ever, but it was so… painful… Torture… I LOVE IT! asjskljglkskdsljlfkjgkljdflkslkjaskjdakljfkddsf I am so mad and happy and… I HAVE A LOT OF MIXED EMOTIONS … More The Worst Yet Best


I. Have. Almost. Finished. It!  I can’t wait to finish reading it. I have a bit to go, but oh gosh. It’s pretty awesome! I want the last book to come out too! I can’t wait, I am going to dieeee if I don’t get to read that book. I can wait though.  I have another … More Insurgent