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  • Rewriting

    I am rewriting December Never Ends, that means I am going to update the page on my blog at some point. I am changing the game of the story, I want to improve it and make it more realistic and not so ‘twilight’ like. Don’t get me wrong! Twilight is a good story, I just […]

  • December Never Ends: Chapter Seven

    After a while of pacing around my room, I finally opened it up again and traced my fingers over the printed words of my name. I slowly shaped the word in my mouth and whispered it. “I feel uneasy here and unsafe.” I closed the journal and put it underneath the mattress. “December!” May called […]

  • December Never Ends: Chapter Six

    “Child,” The door graciously opened. “Come in.” My grandmother was old, very old, yet she was a beautiful woman. I could tell by her warm, gentle eyes. She led me through the house, barking cautious orders and notes. We got the spacious, decorative living room, and she directed me to sit down. “Hello.” I bowed […]

  • December Never Ends: Chapter Five

      I arrived at the library around an hour after I left the station, people weren’t crowding the doors or cases of books like the one in my hometown. I head toward the computer to look up my grandmothers name, no searches found. “Excuse me.” I said, walking to a petite blond, who looks a […]

  • December Never Ends: Chapter Four

      I arrived at the train station with my tickets in my hand. I looked around, no one I knew, obviously. It was still strange. The train hasn’t arrived yet and I waited patiently. I closed my eyes and breathed slowly, to calm myself. Without notice I tipped sideways and my hair flew to the […]

  • December Never Ends: Chapter Three

    Heat burned against my skin, I stirred and rolled over to feel the source of the heat, Ian. I smiled and sat up to look at him, his arm fell from my waist and I giggled. What is with me? This was so new and so different… I don’t want to leave now… Not if […]

  • December Never Ends: Chapter Two

      “We have a new addition to our class. Please let him introduce himself.” The teacher gestured for him to come in. When he walked in through the door, all the girls in the room straightened and eyed him. They were all undressing him with their eyes. I can’t blame them though, he was amazingly […]

  • December Never Ends: Chapter One

    I sat in the window stared at the falling snow, without you… it’s like there’s nothing here. I looked down at the journal that was on the coffee table in front of me. Ian Cromwell was scrawled on the cover. Your journal is all that is left. “I have decided, Ian. I will live on […]

  • Sunday Is The Deadline

    I have to finish typing up my novel by Sunday, or before it! It is the deadline to turn in my manuscript, and I need to hurry, so after work today, I am going to work my butt off! I’m going to burn it in this seat! I need to type it, really bad. Plus […]