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  • Breakfast Blast

    Oh this is so good! Waffles smothered in butter and syrup and add a cup of French Vanilla Cappuccino-my type of morning food.  So last night there was a storm here and my snake was really active, I was worried so I checked on my phone about whether or not snakes are in tune with […]

  • Strawberry-Banana

    I woke up, took a shower and decided I wanted to eat some strawberries with some sugar in the middle. I was thinking about doing what I always did; rinsing the strawberries, cutting out the core and filling it with sugar and maybe drizzle around it too. Then I would take a bite out of […]

  • Perfection and Beauty

    I wake to the feeling of my cell phone vibrating at my ear; 7:30 AM.  I lay in bed for a couple moments, I stare at my ceiling and notice the fading glow of the stars that I put up earlier in the year. I turn my head and look at my wall through the […]