• Suprises

    Last night I was at my friends house and hanging out with her until 1:30 AM. It helped me remember that time flies when your having fun. That’s what I did last night, I had an awesome time just hanging out. It was wonderful. This person is just wonderful in general. There wasn’t a single […]

  • Leg day

    I made up a work out plan, I actually did it and it’s thanks to my reconnection with Pinterest. I used to aspire to buy and do so many things because of that website, but then I lost interest. It happens sometimes, life gets in the way. I’m back though. I’ve decided to make a […]

  • Revelling in Personal, Though Perhaps Trivial, Accomplishments

    Originally posted on Today's Perfect Moment:
    Maintaining or achieving happiness sometimes means stretching your definitions.   I search for good things or at least things that make me smile everyday.  Some days that means being delighted with my fortune cookie, some days that means finding joy in the absurdity of my fellow commuters (which happens…

  • Friend

    I knew a friend. He was a very good person. He was kind, outgoing, and the guy to cheer you up. He was my friend, even though I only hung out with him when my friends let me tag along, but hey. He was my friend. I thank you, for being my friend, even though […]

  • Challenges

    My challenges this new year is to form habits. I’m challenging myself to do Yoga everyday. I bought a Yoga book on anatomy so i can put together sequences to really target what I want to do myself. Today is Day two of Yoga. (by the way, I am now deciding to document my experience.) […]

  • Here I Am

    Here I am, sitting in my computer chair feeling pretty. I feel gorgeous and comfortable, like I just popped out of a picture from Tumblr. You know those photos… The one where the scene is just too perfect and you feel like saying “That would be the life to live,” or “Goals…” Yes. I feel […]

  • Obsessed

    Imagine a world where everything feels as if you are in the best moment of your life. Imagine that the sky was so blue that you couldn’t help but flop down on a pillow of grass and a blanket of clovers. Your toes are tickled by the breeze and the sun soaks into your skin […]

  • November

    November already!? That means it is time for NaNoWriMo. I am going to attempt it. Somehow, I just decided it today. I have ideas and so many plans that I think it just might work. I’m not 100% confident but it will be something I accomplish in this month. I will keep you guys posted […]

  • Pacing

    I feel like pacing back and forth throughout my room, but no matter how much I pace or for how long, the thoughts won’t solve themselves. My problems won’t go away. My stress won’t settle down. I’m honestly really overwhelmed and I am feeling very lost in a lot of things. I don’t what I […]

  • Wonderful

    Okay, time for some crappy personal stuff. My dad got fired from his job, most likely his fault, can’t really trust what he says. That means, no insurance for me! Yippie. That means, I need to find a higher paying job so I can get some benefits on my back. Lets be honest here, Teavana […]