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  • What family gatherings?

    My favorite type of family gatherings? I really don't have any. I have been to a couple of family gatherings. My Uncles birthday party, which was pretty fun, despite sitting around and doing little to nothing. I went to my boyfriends' family Thanksgiving, which was alright, despite sitting around eating and sharing stories, which I […]

  • Looking forward to J.1.2012.

    My New Year's resolution means a lot to me. The year of 2011, so much stuff has happened that I am not proud off, so many tears, to many cuts. It was a painful year. This coming year, 2012, I wish to change. I want to change how I always just follow, I don't want […]

  • What is the most beautiful thing to you?

    A beautiful woman, and an average girl. One knows much more than the other, thinks so much more than the other. And that other girl, she thinks of jealousy, and sadness. She doesn’t want any of that knowledge from that other person, that person who is so strong. Compared to the woman, the girl is […]

  • A Life You’ll Never Love

    (This is a short preview of a new story I am working on.)   I can’t remember anything before the age of five; it’s like a black screen, nothing was there… But, what I can remember is something I wish I would forget. I remember my fathers’ rough palm across my mouth, muffling my screams […]

  • 10 years engraved on my life line.

    If I had tens years remaining on my life span, would I really try to live differently? I am not quite sure. I mean, I tell myself all the time that I need to change how I do some things but I never really can do it. It just stops after a while. If I […]

  • Closer to you…

    I have been listening to the song Closer To You by Adelitas Way. I really like that band. They make me happy. There songs are wonderful, and I am glad that I randomly found them on youtube. I want more music though. I am thinking of deleting the songs that I don’t listen to…. But […]

  • My anxious quivers, and the butterflies at the bottom of my stomach.

    Oh, those nervous tingles, butterflies in your stomach, goosebumps along your arms. It's a strange feeling, and it can make me a bit nauceous depending on the situation. I get those anxious quivers a lot. I get them everytime I stand up infront of a lot of people, when I have to do something in […]