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  • Lie here in my …

    Lie here in my arms,hold me tighter just til morn’. As soft sighs whisper between us, I know my heart will still be torn. But hold me tighter just once more,embrace me, kiss me… I knew you loved me once before. So stay by my side! Please baby, don’t leave me here. I love you, I need you. So please, I […]

  • What will it ta…

    What will it take?

  • Two Days So Far, I’m Doing Great

    Yesterday was awesome, today was all good.  Yesterday: At first I was doing nothing but reading some manga’s from and watching some Asian dramas from, but then my friend texted me… He, Mason, said that he didn’t want to sit around all summer and get fat, so we decided to hang out! It was […]

  • Why Did I Do That

    This might be a little depressing… Ugh, I don’t know anymore…  Why did I have to tell my ex all of my feelings? It sucks, it really does. I didn’t cry when I told him all of that stuff, I only cried when he basically said he won’t tell me the three words. I cried […]

  • What Is In My Purse

    Well, if I had one…. It wouldn’t even be a purse. It’d be more like a backpack! I like carrying a lot of things.  I would have my laptop, my webcam, medication(advil), a drink of some sort, some makeup, notebooks, pens, pencils, wallet, flash drive, phone, sandisk, hair ties, bobby pins, tape, a book, camera, deodorant, […]


    “Dad!” “What?” “Looky!!!” She says as she points at the screen and giggles. “What is it?” “My blog! Finally, 1,000 views!! Ahahaha!” She smiles and he walks away. — Okay, that was random, but finally! I got 1,000 views. I know that is a small number, but I am so so happy! It’s pretty awesome […]

  • Apologies And December Never Ends Preview

    Many of my posts lately have been very… depressing. I’m sorry about that. Too many things cloud my mind I guess!  Well, guess what? It’s summer! Hooray~ Nothing to do all night, but sleep and work! Woo Hoo, that’s exciting!! Not. I think this summer, I will read, write and do nothing. It will be […]

  • Six On Set Air

    Six on set air there now seven more should soon have the sentence! Last your needs mean  thousands then start. Great twenty helo their fifty out round has made to many ripe. thoughts said some end up well between infinity. Far cross earth tell of look that who wants out writing two good finds.

  • It’s Too Fast

    I keep getting closer to you, even though that the time between us is quickly slipping away.  I know that you will be leaving me again, but I want to keep the closeness that we have at this moment. Keep me in your arms tonight and please don’t leave yet, just a little more time. […]

  • What will I do …

    What will I do when I want to see you, but you won’t be here?