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  • Are You Going To Work Here The Rest of Your Life?

    “Are you going to work here the rest of your life?” “What? Me? Ha-ha-ha. No. I don’t plan on it.”  “What do you want to do?” “I want to try to make a living as an author.” “How?” “Blogging, at first, I have a blog of my own. Soon I want to save up money […]

  • If Writers…

    If Writers…

    This is so true.


    I am talking to a puppet, it’s awesome. :)

  • Getting My Summer Life Together

    I have a play. I am going to wake up in less than six hours, clean my bathroom before I use it. Then I will practice personal hygiene. I will then make food, and eat it and savor it. I will then clean that mess up and perhaps clean up the kitchen for my mother. Then […]

  • I Mumbled ‘bye’ To The Man I Love

    The worst goodbye, I said it a couple of days ago actually. A guy that I love, we dated for more than a year… He is moving and we had some sort of physical relationship and I had an emotional relationship with it too, he didn’t, this was after we all broke up. Anyway… It was […]

  • The Worst Yet Best

    I. Just. Finished. Insurgent.  IT WAS SO AMAZING! OH GOD! I can’t wait till next year! Jeez, why does it have to take so long! The cliff hanger was the best ever, but it was so… painful… Torture… I LOVE IT! asjskljglkskdsljlfkjgkljdflkslkjaskjdakljfkddsf I am so mad and happy and… I HAVE A LOT OF MIXED EMOTIONS […]

  • Evening Dream

    Evening Dream

    Photographed with my old camera.

  • Insurgent

    I. Have. Almost. Finished. It!  I can’t wait to finish reading it. I have a bit to go, but oh gosh. It’s pretty awesome! I want the last book to come out too! I can’t wait, I am going to dieeee if I don’t get to read that book. I can wait though.  I have another […]

  • The Words I Hate Most

    “Goodbye” I spoke the shortened version: “bye,” because I hope that one day I will see him again. I don’t know what will happen then, I am scared. I know last night I cried like a baby, because I was thinking about him, and then I wrote that poem, ,I cried like a baby when I wrote […]

  • Today, I’ll say Goodbye…

    Today, I’ll say Goodbye. Even though my breaking heart tells me not to… I can not live with this pain anymore, so I will ignore it today and tell you the words I hate most. Goodbye.

    I have decided today, I will make myself look good, boost my esteem and then break it down. Today is the day that we must end. My heart already has enough pain, I don’t want to meet again, I doubt we will meet again. So, today, I am going to be selfish and make it easier on my heart (I hope). I’ll tell you goodbye, with one last hug and one last kiss. I can’t take it anymore.