• I will always love you.

    Such a long one, wow. I kinda got off track, sorry! I feel like I have been in love a lot, but I realized that it has only been once. A strong love that will never go away. It all started around last year, the day I met this guy, who seemed pretty feminine, but […]

  • The attention of the ENTIRE world, what would I say?

    If I had the attention of the ENTIRE world, I think I would say; "Smile, no matter what. It's not your fault for anything, it happened and if you can't do anything about it, then that's it. You can't. Don't push yourselves, be yourself, you'll be fine, but never forget to smile, and don't worry […]

  • Notes on Paper? Or and Electronic device?

    I like taking notes down on paper first and if I need them, I would put them into my phone. I keep a journal, but that is for stuff that my phone cannot do, like writing in chinese or… drawing. It’s difficult for my phone. I use my phone for numbers, ids, emails, places, etc. […]

  • Oh, If I could say this… If I could…

    Oh, if I could. I would yell at my mother. I would tell her things I should never say to her. She needs to hear it though. I feel like if I tell her these things though, it would be bad. I told her once to shut the **** up and she yelled at me. […]

  • I was happy, now to look forward to: I will be happy.

    I used to be the happiest when I was with my first love, but sadly we broke up a couple of weeks ago. I was so happy with him, no matter what. As long as I was with him, I was happy. I was sad when I was away from him. But now… I am […]

  • How about if time stopped for four hours?

    If I had an extra four hours of daylight, I would spend it doing work that I was supposed to do when I got home. I would not procrastinate and get it done. The fact that I am writing this is called procrastination, but I like typing about what I do. Every time I type, […]

  • My fear of Everything.

    I feel like I am afraid of everything. I'm afraid for my friends, life, people. I am afraid that my life could suddenly end, that my friends could disappear. That everything that I have ever known could just vanish. I am afraid of what lies in the unknown and unseen darkness of the world. I […]

  • All together my personality is…

    Changing like the Autumn leaves.

  • How would I spend this… So confusing.

    That would be a hard decision. I don't know what I would get. For one, I never have money on hand, it's all my parents. When I do get money I never know what to get. I want a lap top but I don't want one. It's confusing. Ugh. Um. I would like to get […]

  • Simplified Stories.

    Well, for one, I am happy people actually read this. Hehe. I have views and I strive to get more, but I don’t know how. I am still working to figure out all the sites possibilities and I love my new background and all. I don’t know what more to put up here. It’s odd. […]