I'm rewriting today. I am going through an old story and rewriting every word, exactly how I wrote it a few years ago. Only now I've gotten a different idea in how to portray this and I've changed one character. Not the main one, but their father. I changed him and he has changed the… Continue reading Rewrite



Mondays and Tuesdays are my days off, but they quickly turned to crap when I woke up on both days with a stuff and site neck. It even hit my shoulders. So I bought a new pillow today and it's pretty nice. So far so good. I gotta get to sleep soon. Work in the… Continue reading Pillows



In regards to relationships, you can not expect to get something, if you do not give anything. Does that make sense? Let me start from the beginning. Right now I am snuggled with my blanket against a wall. I'm super cozy and I know I can't sleep because I slept all day. My mind is… Continue reading Relationships


Hammocking 2016

It's early afternoon, I sent my boyfriend off to work and quickly decided what I wanted to do. There were so many options, I could spend more time working out, maybe go for a run.... I could go for a drive then run. Oh! I know, I could go hammocking and since the sky was beautiful,… Continue reading Hammocking 2016



Last night I was at my friends house and hanging out with her until 1:30 AM. It helped me remember that time flies when your having fun. That's what I did last night, I had an awesome time just hanging out. It was wonderful. This person is just wonderful in general. There wasn't a single… Continue reading Suprises


Revelling in Personal, Though Perhaps Trivial, Accomplishments

I should learn to celebrate little victories instead of focusing on the things I do wrong. That is my bad habit, I saw this post on Tumblr, and I thought it was so relevant. It was a picture of hand drawn sticks that said encouraging words,
“You got out of bed today!”
“You folded the laundry! WooHoo!”
“I almost made it to the gym!”
Little quirky things that I love, that are sweet. I need to start congragulating myself for reading, and writing, and getting out bed, and making breakfast for myself. I need to start that.

Today's Perfect Moment

phone phots 035

Maintaining or achieving happiness sometimes means stretching your definitions.   I search for good things or at least things that make me smile everyday.  Some days that means being delighted with my fortune cookie, some days that means finding joy in the absurdity of my fellow commuters (which happens a lot) and some days that means revelling in accomplishments that are trivial.

Maybe out of stubbornness, or pride, or unclear logic, I can’t (and won’t) equate passing the next level of Candy Crush or (the far superior) Cookie Jam with achievement. However, I will celebrate things like a cleaned up desktop.  I can celebrate getting all my laundry done.  I can even celebrate when a blog post gets more than ten views.  I will even celebrate a preparing a meal with more than one vegetable in it.

It is in this vein that I celebrate something rather trivial, but which seemed…

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