Good afternoon.
Today is Tuesday, April 19th. I went to the botanical garden with a friend and it was beautiful! The temperature is a little chilly outside, in the 40s but it was pretty warm in the garden, you know exactly what I am talking about if you have been to a botanical garden before.
This one has quite a variety of tropical plants and desert plants as well. It had a very relaxing water feature in the center too, which had some beautiful Koi swimming about. I was nearly tempted to become a member so I could go whenever, but I pretty much work every day during their hours of operation; 10 am to 5pm. I guess my day off would be the great option but I have stuff I need to do on my day off. & I only have two days off, sometime during the week and Sundays all the time since my store is closed.
I took a lot of photographs at the gardens, and I wish that I could take care of plants but I always end up killing them. I don’t know why, my heart just isn’t in it.

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