Snow on Easter, and then some…

Easter Sunrise 4/12/2022, 6:24 A.M.

Happy Monday everyone!

(Psst, it’s my birthday week!)

It snowed on Easter, yesterday-4/17/2022.
Big, fluffy snowflakes. It was beautiful too.

Besides the snow, it was a pretty relaxed holiday. My mom came over and cleaned up my apartment for me, and yes-I paid her.

My 27th birthday is this Thursday, the 21st of April. I plan to have a small party at a shelter near our house and plan to take my Lupit stage pole outside and set it up while my boyfriend Josh cooks up some food. I want to have Pineapple brats and chips and some drinks, since those are kind of my favorite grilling food. Besides my birthday this week, here is a summary of some big things that happened that are part of my core memories now!

♥ Big Happenings ♥

  • Pole Dancing since September 2020, so as of today its been 1 year and 7 months since I have started teaching myself. I have gone to 1 beginners class and 1 open pole class.
  • Registered for my first ever PSO Chicago as a Showcase even on May 28th and 29th, 2022. PSO stands for Pole Sport Organization, and they hold competitions all over.
  • Enrolled in the PFA Level 1 Certification course as well through Pole Fitness Alliance. I want to get certified so I can possibly teach in studios in my area and maybe, just maybe… I can open my own studio some day.
  • In 2020, I became a General Manager at my workplace and have been with the company for 5 years this October, making this my longest standing job.
  • I purchased a Lupit Stage pole so I can travel with my pole to places and dance freely nearly anywhere. I currently own three poles, 2 Lupit poles and 1 Fit2Flaunt pole.
Lupit Stage pole
  • I am working on rewriting December Never Ends, and then plan on getting it published some way or some how, in the very least-printed into a book format so I can have a physical copy.
  • I am practicing Japanese through the Busuu app so I can become fluent one day and speak and watch anime without the use of subtitles. My cousins are Japanese so, I would love to learn it to communicate with them as well.
  • I have two cats now! Sage has been with me since September 2017 at 6 weeks old and I got Nellie late last year. They are so cute and took some time to get used to each other but I am happy to be a 2 cat mom now.

I got into a small accident in October and I finally got my car fixed, it was quite expensive but it feels so good to have a good looking car again. I need to learn how to manage my finances better and hopefully I can start getting somewhere with teaching Pole dancing classes at my apartment for $15 an hour. I need to focus more on painting as well and try to sell my paintings.

I got a Cintiq 16 digital drawing tablet that I have been creating some artwork on. I even uploaded a self portrait I made and got it printed on a plexiglass panel to hang up in my apartment. I’m so happy to have gotten a printed digital piece of mine, it feels surreal and I also feel so proud of myself and how far I have come.

All, in all. I want to get back into writing-desperately. I want to dive back in to my hobbies and my online journaling. So I plan to try to post every Monday. Perhaps it will be a summary of my week, or maybe just something random. I’m quite not sure, but I want to keep up this blog and post more frequently.

Check out my Pole Dancing here! Support me here and here and here!

I appreciate you reading, feel free to leave me feedback, comments and more!

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