Finding motivation is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s so hard for me, and not everyone understands that. It just seems like I am questioning too much or maybe I am just being lazy but, I don’t really feel like I am.

Sometimes I look at a big project and just gasp and what I am attempting, but I need to change my thinking process and slowly turn that fear and doubt into inspiration.  I’ve been challenging my comfort zone a bit, and its kind of fun. It definitely keeps things interesting. My work allows me to challenge myself more with a lot of different things, myself, work ethic, people… I learn something everyday! I do love my job. I am a little nervous for the future because, I feel like everyone at work is family and one of them is leaving, I understand its not permanent, but my coworkers have been with me for 2 years and helped me in more ways than one. I’ve never really seen any place as important to me but my job is. The place that I drive to practically everyday, to see these customers that I have connected with and some of them just come to see and chat with us, its personally heartwarming.

Summer is really starting to turn up, the past few days have been pretty hot and I’ve been working days. It’s still pretty hot when I get out of work, but its nice to drive with the windows down and my music up!

I’m going to try to keep moving forward with positivity. I’ll try to bring my energy home and use it to stay productive in things I need to get done. There’s always something to do. Books won’t read themselves. I better get started, huh?

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