Sunshine and stuff

The weather was perfect; the wind blowing across the lake, causing gentle ripples that disturbed the peaceful waters. The sun was shining and the skies were blue. Out on the lake, it seemed so pristine. The waves glistened in the sunlight. Boats floated across my view from the hill. I sat between two trees with one of my best friends on my double wide hammock. It was the first day of the season for hammocking and it was the best. The view was perfect, no disruptions. We hung out and chatted while listening to some Bob Marley that blasted from a car that was parked down by the beach, about a mile down the hill of where we laid. If only it was a little louder… So I started playing my own chillaxing tunes and zoned out in the sun. I must get out more and enjoy the sun and weather. My hammock needs to get out more as well!

I’m sipping on a pot of tea as I watch Hua Mulan- a Chinese movie, with my friend as she ‘watches’ eagerly. No.. she’s passed out and that’s perfectly fine. It’s been a long day of recreational activities that we aren’t used to. I’m ready for a nap myself but If I were to put my head down and sleep, I wouldn’t wake up for about another hour! So here I am writing about my day outside. I also forgot to mention that I spent the morning cleaning up the apartment to make it nice for spring and summer time, I was getting so sick of the clutter that I decided late last night, to make a list of everything that I need to get done. I still didn’t get it all done but at least the part that anyone else would see(living room, kitchen, bathroom) that’s all done. After this movie is done I don’t know what else to do. I get bored of sitting on the couch, but I don’t have the motivation to do anything else, one of these times I get up and do stuff. I just need to just do it but its so hard to just do it.

I’m starting to write a bit more. The other night I got into the zone and wrote 6 pages from a single idea about a dream within a dream. I might upload more details about it later in the year if I can get a suitable story line or structure. I find it really hard to write stories because I always want them to be perfect when I start spitting out words, but I realize that I will write over and over again, and rewrite my words and redesign my story. It won’t be done on the first rough draft.

By the way, international movies are always really interesting to watch. I love the different languages but I find them so interesting. I really recommend anyone to go out of their comfort zones with movies. No Regrets!

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