img_20161223_155901_796My cast iron tea pot represents new beginnings, beauty and love.

The future is now, things I have only thought about when I was younger, have happened. It’s almost weird thinking about it, and I am ecstatic. I feel glad to be in this life and have all the things that I have. I definitely want more, but I can’t wait.

Things around me aren’t always the greatest, but it’s all on me and how I react to it. I can always try to make things a little more positive. I can always breathe a little deeper and a little calmer.

(I think all of the coloring is getting to my head!!)

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I can sleep easy, breathe peacefully. I have found my yoga practice again, after being off the mat for 2 weeks. I am glad that I quickly found the flexibility that I had, of course after I warmed up. Slow and steady start as I am in a transition still. I’m excited for tomorrow and onward. I have a lot of things to get back in to.

Nothing but positive vibes!

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