Have you ever had a dream where you couldn’t tell if it was really a dream or not? Those are the most complex ones. They feel like real life, meaning… something that happened in that dream could have happened the same way in real life. Something good or even bad. Whenever I experience these, they have always been pretty nice. I haven’t really had many. Probably just twice, and then last night was my third. I think? That’s the thing… I don’t really know. How can you really find out if it was a dream or not? It’s not like I can ask anybody, especially if you don’t dream about anyone at all. And besides, my ‘dream’ wasn’t a good one so I am remembering it pretty well even if I don’t want to.

For now I guess I will silently contemplate and try to rule out anything out of the ordinary. I’m kind of realizing that it was probably a dream, but that might just be me wanting to cover it up. I guess it’s kind of funny.

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